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this is why I drink {episode 1}

On Friday, my husband went to the chiropractor because his shoulder had been bothering him all week.  The chiropractor told him he had a pinched nerve and that he should rest it and not lift anything.  My husband interpreted this as “don’t move off the couch all day Saturday.”  So he sat there watching college… Continue reading this is why I drink {episode 1}

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I’ve Google diagnosed my self with Candida, so I have been taking probiotics and Candida cleanse pills and drinking kombucha.  And I went off the pill after 18 years.  I am either going to feel completely amazing or go absolutely batshit crazy.  We’ll see. Last night I nearly hit my husband over the head with… Continue reading lately

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new normal

So, my daughter is now officially a college student.  She finished her second week of classes today {her schedule rocks – no class earlier than 11:30 and no classes on Friday}. We went up to see her last weekend and she’s coming home this weekend so I have to admit, I’ve really not gotten the… Continue reading new normal